Berlin-China Women's Network kick-off

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🚀💃 Being a woman in a leadership position...

... how to achieve success in China or Berlin? How is the business environment designed to empower women and overcome gender gaps in payment, gender care, or gender pension?
How is it to be a startup in Berlin and China, what are chances, differences, or similarities? And what does it mean to compete as a woman in tech in either China or Berlin?

The first session of the Berlin-China Women's network has been kicked off successfully by WLounge, Plug and Play Chinaand the Berlin Business Desk. With support from China's Startup Grind and She Loves Tech we discussed ways to access new markets, shared experiences from different industries and shed light on both cultural but also the gender issue.

Interested in joining? Broaden your horizon, learn best practices from the other part of the world and dig deeper into a new (business) culture with Berlin's strongest network for female entrepreneurship WLounge, one of China's top startup accelerators Plug and Play (China), and the Berlin Business Desk China. 

Please contact us for more information. We look forward to seeing you in our next session this fall.