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Berlin CLEARLY remains the number 1 Startup hub in Germany in 2020!

Did you know that a new startup is founded every 20 minutes in Berlin?! According to the Deutscher Startup-Monitor 2019, Berlin has the highest number of startups in Germany. In terms of the number of employees and number of new recruits planned, Berlin also leads the way in Germany. Berlin is famous for its e-commerce entrepreneurs and has a new generation of ad tech, fintech, AI and IoT startups.

In spite of Corona, Berlin startups succeeded to raise nearly 3.1 billion € (58% in Germany) in 314 investment rounds last year according to the EY startup barometer 2020. As such, Berlin alone counted 42% of all German investment rounds in 2020.

Welcome to join Berlin’s AsiaBerlin Summit, Germany’s biggest platform for economic and startup exchange with Asia.




  • FinTech/ InsurTech

    Berlin’s startups had a market share of 80% in 2020.

  • Mobility

    More than half (54%) of Germany’s mobility startup capital was invested in Berlin in 2020. Berlin won four out of five top deals in mobility. 

  • Software & Analytics:

    Startups in Berlin gained the highest investment capital and most investment rounds in 2020.

  • E-Commerce

    Berlin’s startups excel in e-commerce solutions: The investment volume of Berlin’s startups in 2020 amounted to 854 Mio. EUR, which is 88% of the total investment sum.

  • Health Care

    Berlin counted the most investment rounds in 2020

(Source: EY, Startup-Barometer Germany 2020)

#AsiaBerlin PLATFORM

AsiaBerlin, powered by the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, forms a collaborative platform that brings together communities within startup ecosystems across Asia and Berlin. AsiaBerlin enables relationship-building among investors, startups, and bridge builders by organising monthly AsiaBerlin events and delegation trips to Berlin and Asia throughout the year.

AsiaBerlin’s flagship event, the AsiaBerlin Summit, is the annual summit of year-long AsiaBerlin activities where policymakers, startups, and investors meet to discuss the newest tech trends and cross-border collaboration between Asia and Berlin. Partners include the Asia-Pacific Forum Berlin (APFB) and enpact, along with the ever-growing support of our honorary Ambassadors. 



The goal of the Start Alliance Berlin is to accelerate market entry, to increase scaling effects, to adapt business models to international requirements and to accelerate corporate innovations.

Enhanced collaboration between cities facilitates international expansion of ideas for the benefit of all living in city and urban centers. Today’s most successful ideas are global from the very beginning. Through this city partnership, startups from these markets can access a program that facilitates rapid expansion among each destination. However, this is only the beginning. Start Alliance Berlin is growing fast and will become a new model for international expansion and exchange of ideas for the benefit of society.

This program is aimed at

  • Startups from the partner cities, which want to expand and enter new markets
  • Large companies seeking access to a network of highly innovative international startups
  • Cities that want to implement internationalisation strategies